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Bill's Profile

Born and raised in Lakefield, I had the opportunity to learn to appreciate the beauty and utility of Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes area. Summer jobs for local lumber yards, plumbers and parks departments, familiarized me with all corners of Peterborough County.

After graduating from Lakefield College School and then the University of Western Ontario, I spent a hockey season playing and coaching in Belgium. Following the playing season, I spent 5 months exploring Europe, from North Africa to Scandinavia.

The next twenty years were spent in ‘Corporate Canada’ working with multinational corporations in Toronto. As expected, a number of different positions, primarily in the Sales and Marketing fields, were experienced. Although I did not classify myself as an ‘academic’, I continued to participate in educational programs at night. Subjects such as; accounting, advanced economic courses, photography, even ballroom dancing, were taken. I had always played softball, hockey and lacrosse when I was young, but when not working at real estate, I recognized the ‘weekend warrior’ route was not for me. Now, when time allows, I will go for a cross country ski with friends, or take my camera and go for walk on my 125 acre farm, just north of Peterborough, hoping to see the white tail deer or the red fox, or maybe even that grey heron that has been hanging around the wet-land.

In 1995, a major competitor purchased the organization for which I worked. Sales Management functions were duplicated and an opportunity presented itself. After a very short discussion, it was decided that my wife and I would travel. For the next twelve (12) months, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia became ‘home’. One of the very wonderful benefits of travel is that it clearly shows us how much more we have than so many other people in the world. We really should not take so much for granted.

Upon our return to Canada, my wife and I decided that, quality of life, was a factor that weighed heavily in our decision, as to where to begin our new careers. Always wanting to be back to the lakes and outdoors, I lobbied hard for the Peterborough/Lakefield area. My wife, being from Newfoundland and recognizing that ‘home’ may not provide the opportunities she desired, agreed to “give this area a try”.

 We are now entrenched and moving forward in our respective careers. Both happy in work and play and especially, where we live.

I have posted this personal profile so that you can get an idea of who I am. I have always been classified as a ‘helper’ and this characteristic has certainly been a solid base for my Real Estate career, (For examples of how my clients think of me, please see the testimonials section). My no pressure, open communicative style is appreciated by all of my clients. I feel that I am here to serve my clients, to educate my clients and to guide my clients to their real estate objectives, with integrity.

Oh, by the way, some people have asked about the ‘elephant’ logo I use. While traveling in Asia, my wife and I noticed that elephants were given special treatment, revered almost. When I returned to Canada, I decided to research as to why such was the case. After many hours at the reference library in Toronto, I discovered that the characteristics of the animal are ‘patience, prudence, energy, wisdom and loyalty’. This is why they aSTEWART, BILL: elephant.jpgre respected.

When I decided to enter the Real Estate profession, I thought, I want my clients and peers to think this of me and so adopted the ‘elephant’ as my “guiding beacon”.